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Warning Signs of Domestic Abuse

Abusive relationships don’t start out that way. There is attraction, good feelings, and that rush of excitement and possibility. However, there are warning signs to watch for domestic abuse. Jealousy can seem like he cares about you, but can lead to control and isolation. Does he or she need to know where you are every minute of the day? Does he want you all to himself?

The National Network to End Domestic Violence says: Pay attention to the “red flags “and trust your instincts. Survivors of domestic violence frequently report that their instincts told them that there was something wrong early on but they disregarded the warning signs and didn’t know that these signs were indicative of an abusive relationship. Always take time to get to know a potential partner and watch for patterns of behavior in a variety of settings. Keeping in touch with your support system and participating in good self-care can lower your risk of being involved in an abusive relationship.

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We serve women who have moved beyond crisis; they have taken initiative and sought help, found safety, shelter, and counseling.

What next? How do they create a new life in which they can be successful and fulfilled? How do they build a positive future for themselves and their children?
We help them Leap to Success.Leaping Lucy Logo
Now, they are stepping up, speaking out,
& changing the world.
She believed she could, so she did.

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Dana Bristol-Smith, TEDx Encinitas

Our graduates have triumphed over extreme circumstances and are building new futures for themselves and their families.LEARN HOW »

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