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c_Great groupThe results are in and they are impressive. In a recent Leap to Confidence class followup, the women reported that 75 percent had scheduled at least one interview, 94 percent had updated their resume, and 56 percent had gotten a job!

With a generous grant from Walmart Foundation, this program was expanded to include an employer panel discussion with human resource managers from local organizations, including Qualcomm, Sound, and City of San Marcos, who came and spoke about hiring practices and how to be more confident in an interview.

One participant said, “What I believe helped me most from Leap to Confidence was my ability to say positive qualities about myself out loud and know that I believe in myself. When I said I am hard working, I meant it AND it is true.” She also said the employer discussion panel made a big impact during the interview: “When my nerves got in the way, I was able to breathe and ask her,” could you please repeat that?” which was a suggestion of one of the HR managers.”

Thanks to the generous support of the Walmart Foundation and private donors like you, we are able to make a difference for women recovering from domestic violence, homelessness and other challenges.

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We serve women who have moved beyond crisis; they have taken initiative and sought help, found safety, shelter, and counseling.

What next? How do they create a new life in which they can be successful and fulfilled? How do they build a positive future for themselves and their children?
We help them Leap to Success.Leaping Lucy Logo
Now, they are stepping up, speaking out,
& changing the world.
Our grads are inspiring thousands of women around the region through our outreach programs.LEARN HOW »
She believed she could, so she did.

Unlock Your Leap – Dana Bristol-Smith SUCCESS STORIES
Our graduates have triumphed over extreme circumstances and are building new futures for themselves and their families.LEARN HOW »

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So what is a leap, and how do you do it? Let's talk about what E stands for:

E is for Envision

What accomplishments or changes live within the future that you want to create? What developments would you like in your life? A new job, a new living situation, a greater sense of being peaceful and at ease? Spend some time writing down the answers to the above questions.

As you write, be descriptive and see how many details you can describe. Where will you be; who is there with you; what are you doing? Imagine experiencing an entire day. What are you feeling?

Be as specific as you can be as you create this new picture of your life.
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So what is a leap, and how do you do it?
L – Listen
E – Envision
A – Affirm
P – Proceed

1. L is for listen.
This is likely the hardest step of all. Listening involves becoming quiet in order to heed our inner voice. Not the voice of fear or worry, but the voice that is beneath that. This voice has been described as the still, small voice within and also as inner wisdom. It is the place where we are simply ourselves, and nothing more. Being able to listen to our true heart’s desire is what listening to this voice is all about. When we go deep inside and listen, we may find that our desires are really very simple – to love; to be safe; to be part of something bigger than ourselves; to express our talents and gifts; to live peacefully; to be a good parent. Yet we live in a noisy, fast-paced world. How do we become quiet enough to listen?

We have to make the time to listen. It may involve getting up half an hour earlier each day so that we can have some “listening” time. Some people may want to try meditation or journaling. Giving ourselves time and space outside of our daily routines and activities can allow us to listen. Consider starting with 10 minutes at a time and gradually building up from there. The important thing is that we develop a daily practice and new habits. The reward is a clearer mind, a less stressful day, and a wealth of new insights.

Reflect on the question, “What do I need to know right now for my highest good?” Then quietly and patiently listen for the answer.

....Tomorrow, we'll talk about what E means in our 4-Step process of how to leap!
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So proud to welcome LaKesha Sexton to our instructor team! She is official. ... See MoreSee Less

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