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Are Your Words Sabotaging You?

cantstocansWhether you think you can, or think you can’t you are right!
Henry Ford

Whether you say you can, or say you can’t you are right!
Dana Bristol-Smith

Of course, what we think governs what we believe, what we say, and what we do. Everything starts with how we think about and what we think about ourselves. Good old Henry Ford was absolutely right.

What I say to myself, and to others, is how I behave — my words guide the actions that I take. If I say, I don’t do well in interviews, I continue to reinforce that belief. Guess what? I don’t do well in interviews.

When you want to feel and project confidence, you’ve got carefully choose your thoughts and your words.

What you tell yourself can either reduce your confidence or build it up. Do you say: “I can’t, I’ll try, or maybe?” Each of those words and phrases is a confidence reducer.

What can you say instead? How about using these confidence producers: “I will, I am able to, yes, I can!”

If you want to turn your can’ts into cans, start with the words that you tell yourself. Then you’ll be able to turn your dreams into plans.

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We serve women who have moved beyond crisis; they have taken initiative and sought help, found safety, shelter, and counseling.

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